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Criteria for Admission of Residents to the Home

All residents are subject to an assessment prior to admission. Residents are normally over 60 with a degree of Dementia (Organic Brain Dysfunction).

The Home recognises that by the nature of the condition some residents will at times exhibit some anti-social behaviour.

The selection criteria and procedure are reviewed regularly to ensure that no individual is disadvantaged on the grounds of race, creed, colour, nationality or sex.

For Whom does Woodlands not Cater?

The Home is not considered suitable for the following:

A Specialist Home for Dementia Care

Woodlands House creates a rare environment for this group of people in friendly surroundings, with the emphasis on freedom from social pressures.

This freedom enables a person with dementia to express him/herself as they are now and not as others would like them to be.

This light atmosphere can be felt upon entering Woodlands along with a warm welcome.

Woodlands House Care Home Bedroom at Woodlands House

Family Quote

"As a daughter and the family member responsible for my parents care, the support of everyone at Woodlands for the time my parents resided there has been priceless."

- Jane Smith,
resident family member