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Living at Woodlands House


Residents enjoy the benefits of a warm and homely house with soft furnishings and individually adjusted central heating. Each room has TV and telephone points with individual furniture and decorations. A 24hour call service in each room.

The house has an airy light atmosphere with pleasant lounges and sitting areas to choose from and an enclosed private garden where not only tea coffee and ice creams are served but lunch and snacks when the weather is fine. Activities such as boules, hoopla or just relaxing also make full use of the garden.


Attention to the little things in life is the hallmark of our caring tradition at Woodlands. Discretion, courtesy and respect run parallel to the mental and physical needs of each resident. Whether memory problems - where mental stimulation is encouraged - or physical needs and wants, our trained staff are well able to meet these differing needs. This clearly enhances the lifestyle of each resident. A dedicated activities co-ordinator along side full time staff members, offer a life style that is possible for each person and is adjusted daily to suit the ever changing capacity to enjoy life, without the burden of social pressures.


Pleasant outings and activities are entirely optional. Professional entertainers visit on a regular basis where residents can join in or sit back quietly and watch! Visitors are always welcome including Christmas lunch.

Homely nutritious meals using best quality foods and freshly delivered vegetable and fruit - including a daily choice of salads, vegetarian, diabetic, and traditional dishes - are served in the dining room or, if preferred, in the privacy of the residents' own rooms. Snacks are served at night, if requested, or at other times. The current inspection from CSCI is available on the CSCI web site.

Choosing the Right Care

By the time a diagnosis of Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease has been made, and the need for twenty four hour care has been established, the right Specialist Care becomes invaluable. Woodlands reduces the social pressure, whilst maintaining the "little things in life". The families desire for a "really nice home" as well as the very best professional Dementia Care is available at Woodlands. Recent research has shown that the right environment has a beneficial effect on the progress of the disease, and especially if diagnosed and recognised early.

Fish Tank Dining Room

Family Quote

"We were a little hesitant to believe Woodlands House would be all that you said it would be. Your description of the care, the services provided and the dedicated staff were accurate. People have been so kind and the care has been excellent."

- Jamie Marston,
resident family member