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Our Philosophy

Woodlands House is a residential home for elderly people with organic and/or functional illness who are unable to live independently in their own homes.

Our philosophy of care is based on the belief that it is the right of any resident in the Home to be respected as an individual, and that every one has the right to be allowed to live as full and as active a life as both mental and physical condition allows. It is also each residents right to be able to live and die with dignity and be shown maximum courtesy and respect.

We endeavour to provide an environment which is not only comfortable and homely but gives the warmth and understanding normally associated with family care. Needs are met maintaining personal dignity, privacy and encouraging independence where possible.

Activities, passive and active are encouraged throughout the day by trained care staff under the guidance of the Deputy Manager. Each care plan takes into consideration the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs, in order to create a care plan that is relevant to individuals.

Recognising, nurturing and encouraging the residents remaining skills and ability to communicate is of paramount importance to the quality of care given at Woodlands House.

Our staffing policy includes a high Carer to Resident ratio, enabling us to assist the sufferer overcome many of the challenges caused by dementia. Examples include, relearning apparently lost skills, such as dressing, deciding where to sit, and what to do.

This policy also encourages each resident to live a fuller life without the intervention of medication, often used to modify behaviour caused by frustration, confusion, and the inability to communicate.

Woodlands House Care Home In the garden at Woodlands House

Family Quote

"The staff could not do enough; they do everything to make everyone feel comfortable, answer questions, explain things to us, and they made the whole experience as dignified as possible."

- Karen DiRibilo,
resident family member